RetroMagic 50 Video Release – Part 3 – Dave Vermuelen

As we approach the two-month anniversary of our biggest event ever, RetroMagic 50, we felt it was time to take a trip back to that amazing weekend in April. Throughout the day, you may have noticed cameras and a number of volunteers scrambling around to document this amazing time we had together. The entire day was captured on multiple cameras and we are so excited to share everything with you here on our website and YouTube Channel.

Join us for Part 3 of this amazing day where Brian sits down with Dave Vermuelen in a segment called, “The World is Not Enough”. They discuss so many interesting stories including EPCOT Center, Tokyo Disney, Food/Beverage, DisneySea, and various Disney World Resorts. This segment was absolutely fascinating and we hope you enjoy this interview with Dave Vermuelen.

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