Lake Buena Vista Townhomes Brochure (1972)

A few weeks ago our friend Dr. Alan Bowers shared some scans of a brochure promoting townhome ownership in the Lake Buena Vista planned residential community for Walt Disney World.  The brochure is dated 1972 and outlines the community details, floor plans available and costs associated with buying into the new community.

We could write a long article about Lake Buena Vista and its many phases of life before becoming, today, Disney Springs and Saratoga Springs resort, but you can’t improve on perfection.  Foxx Nolte has covered LBV’s history so well that there’s little room for improvement, so we won’t try.

You can read her full history of the community (including the townhomes) in this article on her website Passport To Dreams Old and New.

Our thanks to Dr. Bowers for providing high resolution scans and allowing us to share this rare document with all of you.


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