A visit to EPCOT Center – 1983 16mm Restored Film

With EPCOT Center turning 35 years old yesterday we wanted to share with you a project we completed recently but decided to hold off until now for release. We were able to convert and restore the 1983 film "A Visit to EPCOT Center". What makes this special is this restoration was completed from a 16mm print of the film, later it was released on home movie and the quality was sub-par to say the least.

The audio is a big "crackly" but we think it gives a more vintage "movie" feel to the production. This is a decent size promotional film running just short of 20 minutes. The footage of a park that has changed in many ways is amazing, along with some rare construction footage...and you may see some things that haven't changed in 35 years!

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Richard de Lorimier

Great film! Wish there were more information on Horizons!
Thanks for doing this.



Richard Breed
It saddens me to see that the Life pavilion has come and gone and not even seen. Horizons and World of motion are long gone. Universe of energy is now going to 3.0 (goodbye, Ellen!). And there’s not much going on around Spaceship Earth these days. I regret that the original Imagination exhibit was ever replaced. It might have been dated, but it was fun! The replacement is … boring. And I shan’t comment on Captain Eo – Honey, I Shrunk the Audience … and now whatever. [shameless plug] I’m glad I joined the Disney Vacation Club in its first… Read more »
Bruce Carlson
Hi Richard. As an Epcot Old SCHOOL fan myself I miss these attractions, but coming from the perspective of a travel agent, I can’t tell you how many 4 day tickets my clients buy that do NOT include Epcot because it doesn’t meet the interest level of their family/children. Disney I believe is trying to maximize the enjoyment of more people by adding these Future World attractions. If you talk to long time WDW castmembers they’ll tell you that rides such as Horizons and even the original Journey….had short lines and were growing less interesting to the general population. I… Read more »
Ray Faiola

Was this actually SHOT on film? It looks like an Image Transform print, which is a video-to-film service that Walt Disney Educational Media used in the 1980’s. I have Image Transform prints of two Silly Symphonies that WDEM released.

Peter Shannon

I would love to see those films @Ray Faiola. What Silly Symphony films are they?


Awesome! One of my two holy grails I’ve wanted to see in HD! A Dream Called Walt Disney World is the other. I’ve only seen one 16mm print show up on Youtube, but its only in 480p and not as clean as your guys stuff.

Peter Shannon

That was fantastic! Brought me back to when I first went to Epcot Centre with my father in 84. Thanks for the memories!

Marcus Vinicius

This film was also distribuited in VHS as “EPCOT Center: A Souvenir Program” also in the same year of 1983