Vintage Walt Disney World 16mm 1975 Press Film – Restored in HD

We’ve been quiet here at RetroDisneyWorld – focusing in the background on our next podcast episode and special music video that we hope to release in late 2015 (or sooner if we get more footage!). With that said, we wanted to release a film for our followers to watch…while the snow still falls here in New England on the first official day of spring we present to you a 16mm press film. Why is 16mm so interesting? The size of the film is twice that of the 8mm film we often restore, this provides a more detailed and sharper image.

It’s very rare to find any 16mm films of Disney World, but when you come across one that the Disney Company produced you put your cards on the table and make a move to secure it. We stumbled upon this one on eBay and it was worth the purchase and digital transfer.

Think back 40 years ago, these press films would be distributed to newspapers for in-house screening or television studios for use in newsreels and such. When done, they were often discarded with no appreciation for the content within. That content has some incredible finds however! Despite the film using stock footage of Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean you’ll find the Fort Wilderness Railroad in operation, amazing helicopter shots and the original Tomorrowland in all of its white glory!

While the color was nothing short of horrid we’ve done our best to gently balance the color as best as possible across the entire film. Sit back and enjoy this 6 minute film, let it take you back to the Vacation Kingdom of the World! (If you are interested, we have posted a short article on the restoration process as well as a complete side-by-side comparison of the film, before & after restoration:


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