Swan Boats and Adventureland Steel Drum Band in ’75 Style

I felt bad the other night when I got everyone psyched up for new film restoration – specifically I’ve been much like Paul Revere in recent weeks…”The Swan Boats are coming, the Swan boats are coming!” I wasn’t joking around, the transfer was complete last week and when the hard drive arrived it turned out everything on it was corrupt. To make some amends, and to prove that I’m not trying to turn this into some cruel joke – I felt I needed to make it up to our readers. Unbeknownst to most people, I actually have two, yes two, pieces of on board footage of the swan boats. This film was going to be the second of the two to be release, however now with those plans foiled, it rockets to the #1 spot.

A few weeks back we presented some home movies filmed by David Coolidge. David was impressed with our restoration work and as a result submitted an additional few films for us to restore.

This particular film is from March 1975 – David did his own editing and added a soundtrack to his home movies; a task that at the time was daunting to say the least. After the opening shot we are treated to a ride on the Swan Boats, deep into Adventureland and around Cinderella’s castle. Some shots of the train pulling into the Frontierland station are next along with the Pearly Band just off the side of Main Street as the day time parade starts up. Some character entertainment featuring Mickey Mouse, Pooh and the cats from the Aristocats round out the first half while the Adventureland steel drum band and the fife and drum bring us to the end.

Technical Notes:  Decent film quality, the exposure did have quite a bit of range in each scene. The sound was single channel monaural, we have duplicated the audio track to the second channel.

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July 7, 2017 2:27 pm

Why Did They Stop the Ride

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