Magic Kingdom Fun – Home Movie from 1979

This film, shot in 1979 on silent Super8 is all Magic Kingdom. We start off on Main Street, like almost every film we seem to find. You will be stunned by how empty the street actually is – you could easily drive two cars side by side. We see some great shots in Adventureland, which is more barren than Main Street. Most people you see are in pants and coats, showing a somewhat cooler day.

Our cameraman takes you for a ride on The Jungle Cruise, a quick stop at The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, then we head to Tom Sawyer Island. I think you get your first view of the camera owner, as he braves the barrel bridge. We all know that can be troublesome, but he does it with ease. Around 6:00 minutes in, we get some great footage of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. For me, this was a great view of how the submarines rolled up to the loading dock. You also get a great view of the old cast member costume for this ride.

The second half of the film, you are treated to the daytime parade, some rides down Main Street and a ride on an actual Keel Boat! This is pretty neat to see first hand, right in the front. The whole thing wraps up with a train ride around the park. As with any of these film movies, you get little snippets of the different areas, as film was expensive and you really didn’t have that much on a roll. The cameraman did a really nice job capturing lots of the Magic Kingdom in 1979. 

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October 10, 2018 4:47 pm

Not to mention a quick view of Orange bird

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