Magic Kingdom ’74 Home Movie – Hawaiian Shirts, Totems and Parades

Our 1974 visit to the Magic Kingdom begins in the castle hub. Some men in brightly colored Hawaiian shirts await Mickey and his friends parading with the Main Street Band.  All of the familiar characters of the day are there (including Dumbo) and the Dapper Dans on tandem bicycles. Be sure and catch Robin Hood at the 1:40 mark attempting to steal a youngster from the crowd.

Our footage then takes us outside the park to entrance plaza with the Roy O. Disney overhead in Main Street Station. In Town Square we are again reminded that uncommon sights in the early days of the Magic Kingdom were blue jeans and, often, children.  Sometimes you can’t see either anywhere in footage of the day.

A quick pose with the totems outside the Jungle Cruise area in Adventureland before our friends head to Fantasyland and glimpse of the Carrousel with refurbishment walls around it. Obligatory footage of the Nautilus plying the waters of 20,000 Leagues lagoon before we meet some more characters outside Fantasyland’s toy shop.


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