Home Movie: Touring the Magic Kingdom – 1976

An early morning rise and we see the gardeners trimming topiaries and then a quick view over bay lake and the Contemporary lends to the spires of Space Mountain and Cinderellas Castle. After the obligatory castle and flower shop shots we find ourselves in Fantasyland and we are soon transported 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. Fantasyland, the Rivers of America give way to some quality time on Tom Sawyer Island and the Swiss Family Treehouse. Our family stops once again at West Center Street to admire the flowers before the defining moment in this film, a massive bundle of colored balloons with Main Street USA and Cinderellas Castle as a backdrop. Day one ends as we take the monorail home.

Opening again, topiaries at the TTC are the focus and soon we are whisked around a clean and white Tomorrowland on the Peoplemover. Note the skyway was stopped with people aboard, a more normal occurrence than you’d think. Speaking of which, we’re now high above Fantasyland gazing down at the rooftops and the 20k lagoon. Note that the waterfall for the submarines had already been parted at this point. A very crowded Fantasyland welcomes us as we get some great views of the facades before we’re off to Liberty Square for more balloons, then back to Fantsyland and finally down Main Street USA towards the exit.

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March 16, 2019 9:55 am

It’s amazing how little you see strollers in these old movie s, but today strollers dominate the landscape in WDW.

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