Home Movie: The Magic Kingdom as seen in 1974

This film, shot in 1974, opens on what appears to be a sunny and quiet day in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. Our family in this film have brought their grandson to explore the park and start with a ride on Cinderella’s Golden Carousel followed by a meeting with Prince John from Robin Hood – though the grandson is clearly frightened. Next we hop aboard the WDW Railroad and make our way around the park with footage of the various props and scenes along the way. The train ride ends with a view out towards the Contemporary and a nice shot alongside the monorail making its way towards the Magic Kingdom (check out how clean those monorail tracks are!).

Next we open to footage of the parade on Main Street before heading over to take a look at 20k Leagues Under the Sea. Dumbo is next, with some extended shots of the ride in motion. Fear of characters has not abated as our family tries to introduce their grandson to the Seven Dwarves, who try to entertain the audience by what appears to be an exercise routine. We then move on to a ride on the Tomorrowland Speedway, with a beautiful closing shot of the 20k Leagues ride vehicles.

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