Home Movie of the Magic Kingdom in 1981

A 1981 visit to the Magic Kingdom and the Polynesian Resort show off the Vacation Kingdom looking swell at 10 years old. The film opens in Town Square and the entrance plaza before cutting to an omnibus rolling down Main Street USA.  Cinderella Castle and the hub have held up well in their first decade and Tomorrowland sports a very different look than it did in 1971 (chiefly half of it didn’t exist!).

We see the Peoplemover pass overhead and get a glimpse of the family relaxing at the Lunching Pad before boarding the Peoplemover themselves, giving us a birds eye view of Tomorrowland.  A quick spin on the Grand Prix Raceway and then we stroll along Tomorrowland Plaza into Fantasyland. Here was soar with Dumbo and dive 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea before we head to the newest mountain in this Kingdom: Big Thunder Mountain. We glimpse a Mike Fink Keelboat sailing along the Rivers of America before the film takes us to…The Polynesian Resort!

Excellent footage captures the volcano slide of the era and a bit of fun in the kiddie pool. Be sure to don your bathing cap before hopping in to this fun family vacation from 1981.

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