Home Movie: A Fun Filled Day At The Magic Kingdom March 1973

Our film opens traveling up World Drive towards the Magic Kingdom tolls and into the parking lot. Hopping aboard the tram we make our way to the Ticket and Transportation Center with monorails rolling by overhead. Aboard the Highway in the Sky we can see the topiaries lining World Drive en route to the Contemporary Resort. After passing a pristine and serene Bay Lake we find ourselves past the Contemporary and finally arriving at the Magic Kingdom.

Footage of the Magic Kingdom entrance up through Main Street are detailed with some fantastic focus shots of flowers, popcorn carts, Pluto, and artisan glass blowing. In the hub we see multiple Main Street Vehicles transporting guests around before heading up to Cinderella’s Castle and slowly panning up to the highest tower, then turning around and lingering on the Tomorrowland side of the Hub.

Making our way into Fantasyland we can see Timothy Q. Mouse atop the Dumbo ride, the entrance and ride vehicles for 20k Leagues Under the Sea, and a nice shot back towards Cinderella’s Golden Carousel with the Skyway flying overhead. Next we drop by the Fantasy Faire Stage for the Fantasy Follies show featuring many prominent Disney characters of the day.

Post-show we are back outside the stage area at Pinocchio Village Haus. Then it’s “all aboard” the WDW Railroad for a trip over to Adventureland where we see a quick glimpse of the Swiss Family Treehouse before heading back over to the hub. Our filmographer clearly has a soft spot for flowers as we great footage of the Hub’s flower arrangements before peeking into the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. Making our way back down Main Street we see infamous flower display on West Street.

Now onto Liberty Square we see the Admiral Joe Fowler Riverboat preparing to launch for a cruise around the Rivers of America, with Tom Sayer’s Island in the background. Next we see the Tom Sawyer Raft loading area with empty space beyond that will one day become Big Thunder Mountain, but for now is taken up by totem poles. And what’s that in the water? It’s a one of the Mike Fink Keel Boats! Back onto the WDW Railroad we make our way to the park exit and find ourselves on the monorail back to the parking lot. We get one last final shot of a pristine monorail and the flowers adorning the TTC.

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Bob Heckel
Bob Heckel
June 8, 2019 2:22 pm

Crowd level: perfect

Alex Duvall
Alex Duvall
July 4, 2019 12:31 pm

The title of this page says the video is from 1973, yet the video says 1978. Which is it? Judging from what I see in the video, looks far more like ’73 than ’78. Great video btw. 🙂

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