Final EPCOT Center B-Roll Video – China & Mexico – Part 10 & 11 of 11

We continue with our series of EPCOT Center B-Roll footage from a 1987 3/4″ videotape issued by Disney to media outlets for their use.

EPCOT Center B-Roll Restoration Series

Future World

World Showcase


Ni how and welcome to China.

Chine footage opens showing the building that houses the landmark Circlevision 360 film “Wonders of China” that played in the park from 1982 through March 2003. After showing guests entering and exiting the building and some of the statues on the building facade we are shown some clips from the film. Disney was the first to ever film inside the walls of the Forbidden City after the Communist takeover of China in 1950.

The creation of a hand painted fan is among the artwork being created on site. Sidewalk entertainment featuring a dragon yields to diners inside Nine Dragons restaurant being stalked by a dancer outside the window. Chip n Dale in their Chinese outfits sign autographs and pose for kids before a wide shot of the pavilion shot from World Showcase Lagoon closes out our visit.


Hola! Por favor, alejado de las im genes B-roll.

The pavilion’s pyramid (which is NOT suitable for climbing) opens our visit to our neighbors to the south. Some of the wares sold in the pavilion are showcased before we board El Rio del Tiempo for a leisurely cruise through Mexico. All that travel works up an appetite that the San Angel Inn is happy to satiate as diners enjoy delicious looking food.

An old man shops for a hat from the roadside stand while Mexican adorned Pluto makes time with his women. A wide shot of the pavilion from World Showcase Lagoon finishes our visit to Mexico and concludes our series of B-Roll 1987 World Showcase visits to EPCOT Center.

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