EPCOT Center B-Roll Video – Italy and Germany – Part 8 & 9 of 11

We continue with our series of EPCOT Center B-Roll footage from a 1987 3/4″ videotape issued by Disney to media outlets for their use.

EPCOT Center B-Roll Restoration Series

Future World

World Showcase


Continuing our journey around EPCOT Center as depicted in B-roll footage shot in the mid 80’s, we stop at Italy. Buongiorno!

Welcome to Italy, circa 1987 in World Showcase. Our tour opens with a view of the pavilion from the water and then from the water’s edge with a passing omnibus perfectly in frame. A glimpse of the oft overlooked statuary and fountains gives way to some of the forgotten street entertainment that used to thrill visitors. A look inside Italy’s shops shows an impressive variety of glass and fine art before we head over to Alfredo’s for a bite to eat. A strolling accordionist entertains us while diners enjoy fettuccine Alfredo from the restaurant whose owner invented the dish.

Our visit to Italy is brief and gives some insight into how compact it was before expansions brought us Via Napoli pizza, the wine bar and fashion accessories for sale today in World Showcase’s Italian pavilion. Still, I want to visit THIS Italy pavilion.


Guten Tagen Meinen Damen and Herren!

We are glad you’ve stopped by Germany as it existed in Lake Buena Vista, Florida in 1987’s World Showcase. A view from World Showcase Lagoon shows the pavilion’s Bavarian architecture as a red double decker bus passes in front.  A look at the pavilion’s entrance and it’s fountain gives way to an impressive chronicling of the cuckoo clock that so many guests never see (including me).

If you’re looking to a do a bit of shopping there’s something for the kids in the Der Teddybar store, same as today. Looking to add to your home decor or take home something for grandma? Glas und Porzellan by Goebel has you covered then, as it does now but be sure to pop your collar and wear your white shorts high and tight.

If you’re a bit famished and in need of entertainment Biergarten will then, as now, recreate Oktoberfest for you as you eat an excessive amount of sausages washed down with German beer and a lively performance. Lederhosen clad Goofy will dance with you before you board the FriendShip at the dock just out front to take you back to Future World and the 21st Century.


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