EPCOT Center B-Roll Video – Future World 3 of 3

We complete our series of EPCOT Center B-Roll footage with Future World East.

EPCOT Center B-Roll Restoration Series

Future World

World Showcase

Our series of 1980s and 90s era EPCOT Center B-Roll footage continues with Future World East.

Before Ellen it was Exxon who reigned at the Universe of Energy. We visit this much loved pavilion with plenty of dinosaur footage to please your prehistoric palette. For those of you who never experienced the original you get a glimpse of what it was like before Alex Trebek and Jeopardy were the backdrop.

The spanking new Wonders of Life pavilion is up next. See it in all it’s glorious, active and crowded 1989 aesthetic. A fair amount of time is spent on the exhibits under the dome. Be sure to check out Goofy teaching golf and Chris Evert teaching tennis tips on video screens!

And how about that pedal bike looping around the hub at Disneyland!

A visit to Body Wars and Cranium Command attractions was a must in the Wonders of Life and our footage gives you a glimpse at both attractions. A healthy dose of 90’s jeans are omnipresent in this visit.

The glorious Horizons presented by General Electric is the next stop.

This EPCOT sequel to the Carousel of Progress is well documented in this footage. We see the majestic exterior and ride along through many of the most famous scenes from the ride. The legendary “choose your own ending” segment features the space landing.

No trip to Future World East would be complete without visiting the World of Motion presented by General Motors. A fine selection of key scenes featuring the record setting number of animatronics in this ride are on our ride-along as well as a post-trip visit to the TransCenter, GM’s post-show area.


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