EPCOT Center B-Roll Video – Future World 2 of 3

We continue with our series of EPCOT Center B-Roll footage

EPCOT Center B-Roll Restoration Series

Future World

World Showcase

Our next installment of EPCOT B-Roll footage from the 80’s and 90’s focuses on Future World West and takes us first to the Living Seas.

The Living Seas opens with beautiful exteriors showing the LOUD United Technologies sign before we board the hydrolators for our Sea Cab journey to Seabase Alpha. Terrific interior depictions of The Living Seas with the scuba tank (note how much the interior resembles the color scheme used on the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation – they were designed around the same time). Beautiful views of the sea life on display and guests enjoying the antics of a baby manatee, among others.

The Land, presented by Nestle, is up next. We get panoramic views of the Sunshine Seasons food court, the much beloved and missed fountain that sat in the center of the dining area before heading to the Food Rocks show that replaced Kitchen Kabaret. Thankfully our visit to Food Rocks is brief as we board Living With The Land, EPCOT’s marvelous boat ride through its greenhouse facilities. Note the presence of the live narrator, which was a staple of the ride for it’s first 20 years of existence until a recorded narration replaced them. Terrific footage of scientists working in The Land’s laboratory facility closes out our visit to The Land.

No visit to Future World West would be complete without EPCOT Center’s flagship attraction: Journey Into Imagination. Our visit showcases the original Kodak entrance sign (note the flowers in the bed are Kodak’s corporate colors) and also note the plants and flowers along the buildings first level. They add a decorative touch that’s missing on today’s Imagination building. A glipse of the “upside down” fountains with the original DNA-strand style fountain artwork is seen before we head into The Image Works on the second floor of the pavilion. Many fondly remembered activities and attractions are in the footage including – yes – the famous rainbow tunnel. This video really captures just how much there was to do up there and the kinds of attractions available.

No visit to Imagination is complete without seeing the leaping fountains and footage of the Dreamfinder and Figment doing their much missed live meet and greets!

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