EPCOT Center B-Roll Video – Canada and UK – Part 2 & 3 of 11

We continue with our series of EPCOT Center B-Roll footage from a 1987 3/4 videotape issued by Disney to media outlets for their use.

EPCOT Center B-Roll Restoration Series

Future World

World Showcase

Today we start our counterclockwise walk around World Showcase visiting our neighbors to the north: Canada and the country with which we have a special relationship, The United Kingdom.


In Canada we start with a panoramic view of the pavilion as watercraft and ground transport pass in front of it. Obligatory shots of the buildings/rooflines and totem poles give way to the entrance to O’ Canada, the circle vision 360 film that has anchored the pavilion since it opened.

Several scenes from inside the theater are included and its infectious song is heard in its original version. Canada’s impressive rock work and waterfalls, the faux Victoria Gardens and the waterways of the pavilion are all captured before we head inside Le Cellier in its days as a buffet before it became a high end steak house.

Footage of Canadian Mountie Mickey, a peek inside the merchandise shop and a final shot of the pavilion from the water close out our visit to the Great White North.

United Kingdom

Chip Chip Cheerio! Welcome to the United Kingdom where we start with 1980s citizens strolling it’s charming streets (with a low rider metal stroller to entertain you) and exploring it’s sculptured gardens. The obligatory red phone box photos and a Robin Hood and Little John character greeting are upstaged by a tartan kilt wearing Goofy.

Wonderful footage inside the Toy Soldier gift shop gives you a glimpse into how high end some merchandise was in 1980’s EPCOT. Interior details are captured before heading across the way to the Twinings Tea Shop which is virtually unchanged today. Thirsty? Follow us across the way to the Rose & Crown Pub both indoors and outdoors.

A view of the pavilion from World Showcase Lagoon closes out our visit to Her Majesty’s finest international outpost.




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