Early days of the Polynesian & Contemporary Resorts – Home Movie

This incredible film includes ample footage of the grounds of the Polynesian Village Resort in 1974. We open with a panoramic view from area between the Ticket & Transportation Center and the Maui (now Raratonga) longhouse. Note that the area being filmed is the present day location of the Pago Pago, Moorea & Tokelau longhouses (built in 1978 and 1985).

Plenty of images of the monorails gliding to and from the resort are featured – following them all the way over to the Contemporary’s Grand Canyon Concourse where we spend about a minute watching Monorail Red disembark and embark passengers before heading back to the Polynesian for terrific footage of the original volcano pool & slide.

Take special note of the terrific pan of the waterside and marina. There are so many different watercraft (astute viewers will note the bob-around boats in the very rear of dock area). This is a really special film for fans of the Polyneisan and it’s history of an unmatched serene tropical atmosphere.

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October 24, 2017 2:05 pm

Wow. How vast and uncluttered. So few people (except for the waiting at the monorail). Made me want to jump in a time machine, go back and take a sunfish out for a sail on Bay Lake.

October 27, 2017 12:58 pm

I miss those early days! There really was something ‘magical’ about the Polynesian those first couple of decades at WDW. It was like living in another world for a few precious days.

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