Double Feature Monday – ’72 Magic Kingdom and ’75 Parades Restored HD

We are back from our trip to Florida (no Mouse this time, just a world of wizarding..) and we felt it was time to release our next films.

For our first film, to be honest, we have no idea where it came from; all we know is that it is from August 1972. After the obligatory opening shot of Main Street, we get a really nice view of the flowers on East street and then some good shots of the trolley and car coming down from the castle. Over into Fantasyland we are treated to the Skyway from the ground and then we make a quick trip into Adventureland where we see the pre-show for the Enchanted Tiki Birds. My favorite part comes up next when we see some wonderful old school shopping bags and the subjects of the film walking over the original Adventureland bridge. The film ends with some area shots of the hub.


A few weeks back we presented some home movies filmed by David Coolidge. David was impressed with our restoration work and as a result submitted an additional few films for us to restore. David filmed the entire America on Parade in 1975 at the Magic Kingdom – sure other people have done this, but he did it at night and during the day. Between the two parades there are some good shots of the animated windows of the Emporium on Main Street USA.


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