Art & Linda are back! A Visit the Magic Kingdom in 1974

This magnum opus is a 27 minute visit (with sound) to Walt Disney World in November 1974 with a couple named Art & Linda (you may remember them from our Fort Wilderness Railroad film). This restored film is their honeymoon, just a year or so prior to their visit to the fort. Glimpses of the approach to the property and parking plaza and the arrival at the Contemporary Resort with Monorail Black gliding overhead. We sail past Discovery Island where you see flamingos near the beach and watercraft on Bay Lake, the marina at Fort Wilderness and we even get a good look at the Walrus on the shores of Discovery Island.

Art & Linda finally make their way to the Magic Kingdom by monorail (in the rain) where you hear a bit of the live narration (noting an employee-only stop being made!) There’s good footage of the monorail passing the future location of the Grand Floridian before it arrives at the Magic Kingdom. The classic Frontierland Station gets a good look in its prime. The views are so different as you exit Frontierland with no Splash or Big Thunder Mountain to block your views of the Haunted Mansion and Cinderella Castle.

We board an omnibus for a ride up Main Street USA and head into Fantasyland where we meet Tigger and Pinnochio and then take in a parade. A full complement of watercraft ply the Rivers of America as we head to Tom Sawyer Island! This might be the most complete amateur documentation of Tom Sawyer Island that exists from the era.

In Adventureland you hear some of the preshow banter at the Enchanted Tiki Room before heading inside for extensive footage of the attraction. Back for a sail on Seven Seas Lagoon before boarding the horse drawn trolley up Main Street USA to the hub. 20K lagoon, Haunted Mansion, Liberty Square Riverboat (where we see an exiting parade line), Linda gets in line for Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and then we board the Skyway from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland. Footage of the Speedway and some excellent footage of the 20K ride follow (probably the best we’ve ever seen on film).

The Seven Dwarfs march in unison before we return to more scenes from Tomorrowland. Notice the attendant riding along the side of the vehicle as the driver starts on the Speedway! Teacups (including dizzying on-ride footage!) close out this amazing visit to Magic Kingdom.

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