1974 at the Magic Kingdom – Home Movie

This film opens with a brief glimpse of Fantasyland before capturing the VERY packed riverboat plying the Rivers of America.  The colonial parade through Liberty Square is briefly glimpsed before we jump on the Skyway and glide over Fantasyland, 20K Lagoon and set down in Tomorrowland where our tuckered subjects just need to rest on one of the planter walls. 

Then we head back to Fantasyland to catch Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs on a walkabout.  Dual omnibus’s pass each other on Main Street USA and then the fire truck and then the trolley passes by several of the antique cars.  If you love Main Street USA transportation this film is awash in it!

Lakewood High School of Lakewood, NJ leads the afternoon parade which closes out our film with a parade of characters.

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September 4, 2017 3:48 pm

Very nice restoration! I enjoyed the “birds eye” view of the Fantasyland ticket booths where I worked in 1980-1981 (CB 6/7 was near the Carousel, and CB 4/5 was near 20K – that was a fantastic location to watch the fireworks from, and the hole in the window was big enough for me to stick my head out!). I’m curious about the young man at 2:43-2:57 and 3:08-3:13. He looks a lot like Phil Holmes, who is now Vice President of Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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