EPCOT Center 1980s Super8 Film with Sound

Attending EPCOT back in the 80s just seems to match up perfectly with a VHS camcorder, not film. The film footage we usually get is from the Magic Kingdom and resort areas in the 1970s. This one though has our cameraman bringing the old Super8 into EPCOT Center. We are not sure on the year, but we found it is roughly 83/84 based on the construction of some different things, mostly Morocco.
There is some footage right at the start with the old Quality Inn and even some parking lot tram snippets as well. If you are a Future World fan, this won’t give you much – just a few quick cuts then off to World Showcase. Being only 5 minutes long, you really do not get a lot of any one particular thing. Just lots of quick cuts of a somewhat empty EPCOT Center in the early 80s. Enjoy!

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