Art & Linda return to the Magic Kingdom ’75 – Home Movie

Art & Linda return for another well chronicled visit to Walt Disney World a year after their amazing 1974 and 1976 home movies. This film is no different starting with a Skyway ride. We see the Wedway Peoplemover in its earliest months of operation so it gets a fair amount of attention. Some footage from inside the Carousel of Progress (also a new attraction for Florida at this time) features a clip from each scene. Keeping with the theme of “new” things they head to the Hall of Presidents which featured the first new animatronic since it opened – President Gerald Ford (featured in the roll call). From politicos we head to Pirates! Of the Caribbean variety. Linda wanders through Caribbean Plaza and Art takes some footage of the queue.

Then we head to the Country Bear Jamboree with extensive footage of the attraction followed by a trip to the Mickey Mouse Review with, again, some of the best inside footage we’ve seen (giving you a very good sense of the attraction if you never experienced it). We then take in America On Parade in all its glory. This celebration of Americana has been well documented in many of our films but Art’s excellent cinematography and the clear soundtrack makes this worth your time.

After the parade Linda does some shopping on Main Street and then take in the nighttime (dusk) parade as it makes its way through Liberty Square. A few images of the Magic Kingdom at twilight close out the film.

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Loretta May Alexander
Loretta May Alexander
March 1, 2018 4:13 pm

Wow that is amazing- seeing all those old pics…and I remember- cuz I was THERE! Oct.1st, 1971 👍😊

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