Antique Music and Arcade Games at Walt Disney World

The following is a list of equipment bought from Paul Eakin’s Gay ’90s Village in Sikeston, MO, and sold to Disney in August 1977:

Belgian Band Organ
34 Whistle Steam Calliope – experimental model made by the Tos. J. Nichols
Seeburg Style “H” – The largest Orchestrion made by Seeburg
Encore Automatic Banjo – made in the 1890s
Beale Street Special
Mr Sam – Large Wurlitzer Orchestrion from Memphis
Big Bertha – Limonaire Fair Organ with 3 hand carved figures
Big Nelly – 61 key Artizan Band Organ
Sara Jane – #148 Wurlitzer Military Band Organ
Clancy O’Toole – 43 whistle Tangley Calliope
Wurlitzer Caliola – with drums and a rear mounted keyboard
Style “O” Wurlitzer Theatre Player
Seeburg Style “K.T.” or “Eagle” – with flutes, castanets, triangle, mandolin and piano
Wurlitzer Barroom Piano
Sextrola – One of a kind machine made in 1908 for the Red Light Districts
Mills Single Violin – plays first and second violin and piano
Style C-2 Coinola – plays flute, bass drum, snare drum, snare drum roll, cymbal, mandolin and piano
Memory Lane Special – Coinola plays bass drum, snare drum, snare drum roll, flute pipe, triangle, wood block, tambourine, tympani, castanets, cymbal, orchestra bells, mandolin and piano
Wurlitzer Organette – has about 100 pipes, pipes mounted on rear of machine.
Seeburg “E” – plays flute pipe, mandolin and piano
Seeburg “Celeste” – plays over 100 pipes and 3 hand played chimes
Seeburg “K.T.” – with xylophone, tambourine, triangle, castanets, mandolin and piano
Coinola Style “A” “The Madam’s Piano” – plays piano and mandolin
Seeburg Dog Race – Greyhound Race Machine that plays mandolin and piano
Fratti Monkey Organ – 20 key street organ or Hurdy Gurdy plays “Ta Ra Boom Der Aye” and “Yankee Doodle”
Cretors Horse Drawn Popcorn Wagon
Grandma (Esmerelda) Fortune Teller – Gypsy Wax
Lord’s Prayer Stamping Machine
Drop Picture Arcade Piece – Ornate
Mystic Ray Fortune Telling Machine
Smiling Sam
Mystic Pen
Selectroscope – 5 reel Mutoscope
True Love Letter Post Office
License Bureau
Cupid’s Post Office
Seeress – in the same cabinet as Crystal Gazer
How to Attract the Opposite Sex – attached to How Do You Look In Bed
How Do You Look In Bed – attached to How to Attract the Opposite Sex
Solar Horoscope
Mutoscope – (Heavy Iron) “Rate x 1920”
Mutoscope – (Heavy Iron) “Cheating the Chimney Worker”
Mutoscope – (Heavy Iron) “The Elopement”
Mutoscope – (Heavy Iron) “Old Time Flickers”
Mutoscope – (Heavy Iron) “The Bar Maid’s Helper”
Mutoscope – (Heavy Iron) “Battle of Chateau”
Mutoscope – (Heavy Iron) “The Great Stagecoach Robbery”
Mutoscope – (Heavy Iron) “Dempsey-Tunney Fight”
Mutoscope – (Heavy Iron) “Only For Fun”
Mutoscope – (Heavy Iron) “Old Time Flickers”
Mutoscope – (Heavy Iron) “Oo-La La Girl”
Small Mutoscope – “The Veil Dance”
Whom You Should Marry – 12 Slots
Magic Pen
Gypsy Palmist
Roover’s Nameplate Machine – (I think this is a typo and should be “Rover’s”)
Lord’s Prayer Stamping Machine
Cail-O-Scope – “Tom Mix”
Selectroscope – 5 reel Mutoscope
Crystal Gazer – in the same cabinet as Seeress
Railroad Post Office
World Horoscope – 12 slots
License Bureau
Your Future Family
Magic Tricks
Your Ideal Love Mate
Play Football
Kentucky Derby
Small Mutoscope – “The Jealous Wife”
Small Mutoscope – “Ziegfield Follies”
Mill’s Illusion Arcade Piece – skull
Be Healthy, Electric Nerve & Massage
Grandmother’s Predictions – oak case wood figure
Miniature Steam Shovel
Matilda – Donkey Fortune Machine (this machine was not sold to Disney)
Puss In Boots – (this machine was not sold to Disney)
Sister Patricia – (this machine was not sold to Disney)
Snow White And The 7 Dwarfs – “Washing Scene” (mutoscope?)
Paddy And The Pig
Fratti Street Organ – made for push cart
Sadie Mae Band Organ
Molinari Monkey Organ

Pieces in the Disney antique music box collection, and their last known whereabouts

“Big Nelly”, a 61-key Artizan from the former Paul Eakins collection was shipped to Disneyland Paris when it opened and sits unused as a prop in the carrousel.
Big Bertha – Limonaire Fair Organ with 3 hand carved figures Currently can be heard everyday at Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare Restaurant at the Grand Floridian Hotel.
Seeburg E with flute pipes is in Crocket’s Tavern in Fort Wilderness (this instrument has supposedly been sold)
Coinola Midget with flute pipes and a Wurlitzer style C Orchestra Piano are in storage
LOUDMOUTH SADIE MAE a Gavioli Military Trumpet Organ was used to record American on Parade and was sold.
Welte model 4 concert orchestrion, Penny Arcade on Main Street Disneyland.
Nelson-Wiggen model 6 orchestrion (with xylophone removed), Main Street train station Disneyland.
Coinola C2 orchestrion, ex-Paul Eakins, Golden Horseshoe Revue (second floor), Frontier Town Disneyland.
Symphonion upright disc music box. 20th Century Music Company on Main Street (right next door to the movie theatre) Disneyland.
Gavioli fairground organ, original chassis and drums contained in Disney Dumbo case with speakers providing the music (organ itself no longer plays). Located Disneyland in building adjacent to the flying Dumbo ride.
Engelhardt model F cabinet piano with flute pipes. This was formerly on display in the “Country Bear” arcade at Disneyland.
Wurlitzer model C orchestrion. is in Disney storage.
Wurlitzer model L orchestrion which was once on display on the Mark Twain dock at Disneyland.
Coinola Midget model F cabinet piano with flute pipes is in Disney storage.
Seeburg KT with xylophone is in Disney storage.
Mills Violano-Virtuoso is in Disney storage.
Seeburg “Grayhound” cabinet piano with dog race mechanism is in Disney storage
Universal “Nickelodeon” orchestrion with xylophone (modern machine). This instrument was once on display near the entrance of the Penny Arcade at Disneyland now in storage.
Ragtime Automated Music model ST orchestrion (modern machine). Was once in the lobby of the Country Bear Jamboree attraction at Disneyland and was put in storage upon the shows closure Sep 9, 2001.
One of the Wurlitzer C’s Named “Mr Sam” part of the Paul Eakin collection has been restored by Robert’s Music Restorations and now is on working display at the Diamond Horseshoe Restaurant at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom in Frontierland.

Most of the collection was sold at auction in 1997.