The Indiana Jones Adventure Audio Press Kit

Back in the 1990s, inviting local radio stations to cover the opening of a new attraction was a standard part of the promotional playbook for Disney. During media week you’d find folding tables strewn around the parks covered by tablecloths with signs displaying each stations’ number and call letters, often with 2 or 3 people furiously preparing or delivering their entire morning show.

As part of the promotional package, Disney’s publicity department would prepare audio press kits for the stations to use as part of their coverage, supplementing the live interviews that the stations were granted with park spokespeople. The press kits often contained snippets of interviews with high-level Imagineers or Disney executives; correspondents received typed sheets outlining the questions that were asked so they could record the questions themselves and edit them together with the prerecorded answers to make it sound as if they had interviewed Michael Eisner or Tony Baxter themselves. Sound effects and music beds were also provided for the station to make custom bumpers to play going to or coming back from commercials.


Somehow I managed to acquire a copy of the audio press kit for Disneyland’s promotion of the opening of The Indiana Jones Adventure. It includes brief interviews with Eisner and Baxter, as well as George Lucas and show art director Skip Lange. There is also a few pieces of music from the attraction and a sound effects bed of a jungle environment.

If any of you can help identify the tracks, please leave a comment. As an Floridian I’ve only been able to experience the Disneyland attraction a single time and my knowledge of the show isn’t very deep.


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