29 Easter Eggs in the Main Street Electrical Parade Returns to Disneyland Commercial

Disneyland has released a commercial promoting the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade with a nostalgic flair and it contains an astounding number of references to attractions from Disneyland’s past. The spot is exceedingly well done and I think will genuinely create positive buzz on the west coast for what may or may not be the parade’s final run at the place it originated.

Here’s the spot:

And now let’s break it down scene-by-scene and identify some of the many references and easter eggs. Click on any of the photos to make it larger:

1) Monsanto House of the Future, 1957-1967
2) Skull Rock, 1960-1982
3) Skyway car, 2nd generation. 1956-1994
4) I believe this represents Wendy from Peter Pan
5) The number on the door, 64658, is the zip code for Walt’s home town of Marceline, Missouri

6) Rocket Jets, 1967-1997
7) The Disneyland sign as it appeared from 1958-1974
8) The sea serpent from the Submarine Voyage, 1959-1998
9) The Mighty Microscope from Adventures Thru Inner Space, 1967-1985
10) The golden Dumbo from the 50th anniversary celbration
11) Heads from America on Parade, 1975-1976
12) RX-24, “Captain Rex,” from the original version of Star Tours, 1987-2010
13) Autopia car, 1967 version
14) The Nautilus, Captain Nemo’s submarine, which was featured in a walk-though attraction of the film’s sets, 1955-1966

15) Sam the Eagle head from America Sings, 1974-1988
16) Big Thunder Ranch logo, 1986-2016
17) Souvenir tray from the 1970s

18) The original AA figure of the Abominable Snowman from Matterhorn Bobsleds, 1978-2015
19) I believe this is representing a tea cup from the Mad Tea Party, although it appears not to be a ride vehicle
20) A PeopleMover car with 1987 livery, 1967-1995
21) Flying Saucer, 1961-1966
22) A magic mirror, although not the specific design as seen in Snow White
23) Box marked, “Shrunken Heads for Trader Sam,” next to two generic Ku tiki statues
24) Cinderella’s glass slipper
25) Snow White costume
26) Cinderella costume
27) Belle costume
28) Aurora costume
29) Disneyland attraction posters

It appears that a variety of rental props were also included to fill the spaces but aren’t direct references. There are non-Disney looking toy soldiers about and some large and small sea horse statues and a popcorn wagon that is painted very much like the ones used on Main Street, but it may not be authentic. If you see anything else, please comment below.

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